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Complete Wellness & Nutrition is more than simply a supplement store -- we are your healthy lifestyle destination, where customer education, experience and satisfaction are our top priorities. We offer Vitamins, Minerals, Sports Nutrition, Herbs & Holistic Healing, and organic skincare and home cleaning supplies, along with an extensive assortment of Paleo and gluten-free foods, protein bars, and healthy snacks to keep you nourished on the go -- we are your one-stop-shop. 

We take pride in our wide selection of quality supplements and food items. All of the products that we carry are from thoroughly researched, trusted brands that we stand by 100%. Our supplements are sold at discounted prices on an everyday basis, and our sports nutrition is wholesale pricing for every customer, making the vital addition of vitamins affordable for everyone. As a thank you to our regular customers, we offer additonal discounts at the register as well as a referrral program, offering  you and your friends and family even further discounts.


At Complete Wellness & Nutrition, we will guide you towards better health, no matter what your goals and health concerns may be. Whether a complete novice or experienced exercise and nutrition buff, we will listen to you as an individual, providing you with the tools to accomplish your dream. Our customized supplement, nutrition and excercise plans will complement your personal lifestyle, ranging from the easy-to-accomplish basics, to the more intense detailed routine. We provide you with the ingredients to change your life -- you make the commitment to do it.


We are firmly commited to providing every customer with the premium service and personal attention that you expect and deserve. Visit us today and let us put our experience to work for you!



Doug Sedlmair
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Marisa Jacobson

Growing up in a home where healthy eating was the every day norm, Marisa developed a passion for a healthy lifestyle early on in life. Once in high-school, working out at the gym became a much enjoyed hobby, taking her nutrional supplement use to the next level. Marisa's desire to assist others in reaching their health goals, combined with her cooking and fitness hobies, is what brought her to Complete Wellness & Nutrition. Today she can be found doing what she loves most -- helping people discover their ultimate level of wellness. Marisa is available for nutritional counseling and exercise advice, as well as kitchen overhauls and healthy cooking lessons by appointment. She specializes in gluten free and paleo diets, as well as weight loss plans.




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