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Are you Making a Resolution?

New Year's Eve is one of those nights that causes people to feel that they need to change, they need to get away from their negative experiences, that they need to set a resolution to become the person they want to be and do the things that they want to do. But shouldn't everyday be like that? Why are we picking one day a year, from a calendar that we created eons ago, to learn from our mistakes? And if we created this calendar, then isn't New Years Eve a bit artificial, and aren't our resolutions a little bit inauthentic?

A resolution, or rather, intention, should center around evolution of your being. Without evolution, we simply wouldn't exist. We would remain stagnant in our lives, and eventually become so miserable from repeating the same mistakes over and over again, that our souls would slowly die. And then we become nothing more than a shell of person. Self-evolution is absolutely necessary, and in order to evolve, we must set an intention, a goal, a resolution to become a better version of our current selves. To simply enjoy life, to share the love in your heart and embrace those around you with it, to love yourself completely.

Intentions to change or accomplish certain goals are a good thing and should be applauded. But, we should be making resolutions each and every day of our lives, not just one night of the year. We should be thankful that we wake up to see another day each morning. We should take a couple of moments before getting out of bed to reflect on the prior days mistakes, and set an intention for the present day. Your intention doesn't have to be grand, it doesn't have to be a huge change or event, it can simply be to enjoy the day going forward. Your intention is completely personal and doesn't need to be a huge declaration that you share with the world on December 31st -- simply enjoy the night like you would choose to enjoy every other night of your life, to it's absolute fullest.

So as you sit with your family and friends tonight and watch the ball drop, take a moment to look around -- are you where you want to be, are you with those that you love and that love and appreciate you back, are you living the life the way that you want to? And come tomorrow, repeat the process all over again, just as you should for the next 365 days ahead of you. Find your authentic self each day that is bestowed upon you. Evolve.

With peace, love and joy for a beautiful year ahead

Marisa & Doug

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